Black Framed Eggfly Butterfly


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Hypolimnas is a genus of tropical butterflies commonly known as eggflies or diadems. This species is from Indonesia and known for its Batesian mimicry, when it is an edible animal but protected by looking like a noxious one to avoid predators.


COMMON NAME: Eggfly Butterfly
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hypolimnas pandarus
Please note specimens may vary in size and appearance since they're each unique and real
Museum quality shadowbox frame with UV blocking glass
6" x 6" x 1.25"
San Francisco, CA
Fragile surcharges apply
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"Are those bugs real?" A question we are asked on a weekly basis regarding the framed butterflies in our stores, the answer always being an enthusiastic yes! Our Bug Under Glass pieces, handcrafted by Kevin Clarke, are always a conversation starter- in our store and in our customer's homes. All of the B.U.G. works are hand assembled by Kevin, who sources the insects from sustainable bug farms in a variety of tropical locations. These bug farms help boost the economies of these host countries, and also assist in preserving natural flora and ecosystems in which the butterflies are able to thrive.

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