What's In A Name?

Our name comes from a verse in a poem titled "The Music We Are" written by the 13th century mystic poet Rumi. The prose refers to thieves who stole December to bring about change in the seasons, to foster miracles, and to rejuvenate life. The poem resonates with us as one that symbolizes continuous evolution and re-discovery, the blueprint of our concept stores.      


At December Thieves, we believe in thought provoking fashion and style that support innovative and sustainable design. We cultivate relationships with designers and makers from around the world, learning the inspiration behind their creations, the materials they use, and the stories that their pieces tell so we can communicate them to you.

December Thieves is not just a store or a retail concept, it is a curious and cultivated aesthetic, a sense of mystery intertwined in a myriad of stories and a commitment to create an inimitable shopping experience based on transformative fashion, style, and the curious.


We often get asked about our curating process. How and from where exactly do we source our products? All roads lead to our Chief Thief and storeowner Lana Barakat. 

Lana hits the road every couple of months- the destination often varies (Paris, London, Tokyo, Barcelona, Mexico City, etc) as she actively seeks off-the-beaten path ateliers and designer owned shops and showrooms everywhere. Often times her travel ventures lead her to serendipitous finds and opportunities to learn what makes each designer tick. As a result, each item we carry is hand-selected and has a story all its own.