Black Mask Porcelain Sculpture


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With two faces looking in opposite directions, this sculpture is reminiscent of Roman god Janus, symbol of beginnings and endings, transitions, duality, and duplicity. This statement piece is an intriguing addition to tableaus, especially those by thresholds or doors as Janus was also god of passageways!

Porcelain, glazed
8.5" x 8"
Vase Opening:
1.25" across
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The idea behind the collection "In alto i cuori” is the use of a pop icon like the heart, reinterpreted by Elica Studio as a wall vase-- with anatomic details and a strongly Italian character. Consisting of 52 different versions, inspired by Italian history and culture: from Dante Alighieri and Ovidio to pop songs, to that particular symbolism that mixes sacred and profane, typical of the South of Italy. The collection is decorated with graphic and sculptural themes, letters and figures painted with brush; handcrafted small sculptures for contemporary messages written in a universal language. Every heart has its own rhythm, its own beat, its own meaning between irony and divertissement.

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