'Characters' Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace


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Three figures intertwine in a ballet of emotions and thoughts: The Lunatic, The Lover, and The Poet. Each carries a unique fragment of the human spectrum, weaving a narrative rich in contrasts and nuances.

The Lunatic, a rebellious soul challenging the bounds of convention, crafts pieces with audacity and enigma. They are the provocateur of questions, the instigator of introspection into the darkest recesses of the mind.

The Lover, enamored with life in all its facets, guides the path to bliss and melancholy alike. Their creations shine with the warmth of gold and the gentleness of silver. They are the narrator of shared moments, the bearer of emotions flowing like the notes of a song.

The Poet, serene observer of existence, translates the world into enduring words.  They are the master of metaphors, the architect of essence captured in a verse.


Sterling silver pendant, oxidized sterling silver link chain
Chain Length:
.75” x .5”
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Tó Garal seeks to evoke the ephemeral atmosphere of past times, stressing exceptional attention to accommodate the shadows and frame their movement in all its elusive beauty. Hidden stones, like suspended sighs of a lover about to be kissed, traces of unconfessed secrets, memories of never-lived moments, emotions that have become what we are.

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