Palm Readers Petite Art Glass Ornament


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Mystical, illustrative, and delicate, this stained glass ornament is a divine addition to any room where you want to bring out clairvoyant energies— or just to add a touch of whimsy! 

Enameled illustration on translucent white milk glass
Finished in a soldered stained glass edge
7" x 3"
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Le Puppet Regime is the brainchild of designer Genevieve Geer, who creates stained glass sculptures by combining old-fashioned techniques with modern tech. She hand paints each piece with glass powder paint mixed for each color, which is then kiln-fired onto the flat glass, all to be cut, soldered, patinaed, and waxed for the final step. Her Petite Art line incorporates original drawings that are enameled onto translucent milk glass in batches.

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