Amber Banded Cross Etched Resin Round Bangle Bracelet


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Combining traditional drawing and 3D printing, this bangle is made of resin which is then hand carved and high-polished to achieve a stunning crystal effect. This results in brilliantly faceted statement bracelet that is incredibly light to wear.

Hand carved, polished resin
Inner Circumference:
(MD) 7.5" 
(LG) 8"
United Kingdom
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Fascinated by the dance of light through antique cut glass, Hong Kong born British designer, Douglas Poon, draws inspiration from the romantic allure of eras past. A time when flawless cutlery, exquisitely crafted furniture adorned with gold, crystal chandeliers, and flickering glassware set the stage under the soft glow of candlelight. Since unveiling his debut collection in 2013, Douglas's journey has led his creations to find homes in museums and select distinguished boutiques and galleries across the globe. Each piece he designs carries the essence of a captivating narrative, where history and art intertwine, inviting us to cherish the beauty of yesteryears.

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