Halftone Amber Classic Glass


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The perfect multi-purpose glass- the smaller side can be used as a measuring jigger for your favorite cocktail, or a cup for an aperitif or glass of sake. The larger cup holds a pour of wine nicely and is the perfect companion for a sophisticated cocktail. 

Borosilicate glass
Holds 7oz on top / 2oz on bottom
Height: 4.75"
Opening: 3"
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Fragile surcharges apply
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Arley Marks is a mixologist, artist, and owner of Brooklyn Cocktail Bar Honey's, and Jonathan Mosca is an award-winning designer and art director who has worked on films such as "Beasts of the Southern Wild". They believe that the pleasure of drinking from a beautifully designed piece of glassware should always be accompanied by a sense of playfulness. Mamo invites you to use their inventive designs as tools to explore, experiment and create your own definition of 'the perfect pour'.

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