Black Framed Purple Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly


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The butterfly species Graphium weiskei is highly prized because of its incredible combination of vibrant colors that include purple, pink, green, blue, and white on a black background.  Its common name is the Purple Mountain Swallowtail and is the only swallowtail that has purple on its wings. Living in forested mountain areas, this butterfly has adapted to the cooler high elevation temperatures by evolving a “fur coat” around its mid-area, which helps prevent heat loss.


COMMON NAME: Purple Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Graphium weiskei

LOCALITY: Papua New Guinea
Please note specimens may vary in size and appearance since they're each unique and real
Museum quality shadowbox frame with UV blocking glass
6" x 6" x 1.25"
San Francisco, CA
Fragile surcharges apply
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Bug Under Glass (B.U.G.) is a collection of biological art combining conservation, natural history, and design. Their framed insect displays feature eco-friendly natural biological specimens, museum-grade 99% UV blocking glass, and a gallery-quality shadowbox frames. Every piece of art includes natural history info and a biological story about the specimen displayed, made by the artist in Northern California for 20 years.

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