'Ode Of A Chaotic Heart' Sterling Silver Signet Ring


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Driven by an insatiable yearning, the Lunatic's heart becomes a canvas upon which emotions are painted in vivid hues. The journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of the promise that love, true and unending, can be found. Yet, this pursuit is anything but predictable; it is a symphony of emotions that crescendos and falls, mirroring the complex rhythms of a chaotic heart.

Sterling silver
Ring Face:
.75" x .75"
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Tó Garal seeks to evoke the ephemeral atmosphere of past times, stressing exceptional attention to accommodate the shadows and frame their movement in all its elusive beauty. Hidden stones, like suspended sighs of a lover about to be kissed, traces of unconfessed secrets, memories of never-lived moments, emotions that have become what we are.

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