Oxidized Sterling Silver, Carved Quartz, 14k Gold and White Diamond Ouroboros Amulet Charm Necklace


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Oxidized sterling silver, carved quartz, white diamond, 14k yellow gold
Chain Length:
Adjustable from 16"-18"
1" x 1"
Central Minnesota
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Nichole McIver, the maker behind Acanthus jewelry, has a fascination with precious historical objects. She continues to find inspiration in everything from the decorative foliage found in the margins of illuminated manuscripts, to the secret symbolism of Victorian mourning jewelry. Nichole is a self-taught maker and Acanthus is hand made by her in her home studio in Central Minnesota; crafted in oxidized silver, 14k gold and 24k gold, with semi-precious and precious gemstones, Acanthus jewelry has the hand of the artist revealed in each piece created.

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