High Summer Palo Santo Bundle


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To Use:
Open a window or door. Thoroughly light one end of bundle with a match, let it burn for a few moments to catch, and then blow out the flames to release the smoke. Place bundle in a non-flammable dish to burn, or carry bundle around your space and let the smoke waft.
Two ethically sourced palo santo sticks wrapped up with bleached broom bloom, poppy pods, and a clear quartz crystal using vintage string
Approx 5" x 6"
Rochester, New York

Catherine Rising -begun by Catherine Costanza- is a socially conscious apothecary brand that specializes in dried florals and fragrances. Made to support female farmers, makers, and small business owners, the brand utilizes sustainable thrifted and recycled packaging. Burning of a sage smudge stick is an ancient practice, known for its use among many Indigenous tribes of North America--they are intended to ward off negative energy, cleanse one's spirit or space, and for aromatherapy.

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